About the Book

It all started when...

Someone very near to me revealed that she had lost her daughter, Riley, to miscarriage.

Ann loves each of her children dearly, and raises them to be kind, loving, and curious little people. She was devastated at the loss of her daughter around Chistmas time, and I struggled to find a way to ease her pain.

Although she was blessed with three healthy children, she still lost Riley.

Although Riley wasn't carried to term, she was still her child.

Although she never got to see her grow, she still had dreams for her future

Although she was gone, she loved her still.

I searched the web for a gift to honor Riley, and was saddened to see my searches for memorial baby books coming up empty. That's when I decided to create I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book.

I made sure to give my book the same look and feel of other baby memory books, with special areas that are inclusive for a variety of miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal loss situations.  The book encourages moms to remember each joyous moment of their pregnancies, and the milestones they shared with their baby. The latter portion of the book helps mothers work through their experiences through prompted journaling and reflection. My hope for this book is that it helps mothers—like my friend—to feel that something exists specifically for them. 

Ann’s Story

the events that sparked a change

Ann bravely shares the story of her loss in hopes of helping others.

About Me


I am a native Minnesotan and I still consider the Midwest my home. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a degree in English and minor in Family Studies and Human Development. I found my purpose in advocating for all mothers; especially those who have experienced loss. I value family time above all else, and I find the most happiness when I'm outdoors somewhere where I can see the wind on the water.


A pledge to parents of loss

I became aware of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) and its mission in 2013. When I first laid pen to paper for I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book, a donation structure to NILMDTS was inherent in the book's creation. NILMDTS offers a priceless gift to grieving families with a mission of remembrance paralleling that of I Love You Still. Even when remembrance portraiture is not an option for your family, your purchase of I Love You Still will help NILMDTS reach those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity or the means to remember their baby in this special way.

NILMDTS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves more than 4,000 families worldwide each year by offering the gift of healing, hope and honor to parents experiencing the death of a baby through the overwhelming power of remembrance portraits. Professional-level photographers volunteer their time to conduct an intimate portrait session, capturing the only moments parents spend with their babies. Parents are gifted with delicately retouched heirloom black and white portraits free of charge.

These priceless images serve as an important step in the healing recovery for bereaved families. NILMDTS remembrance photography validates the existence and presence of these precious babies by honoring their legacy.

NILMDTS recruits, trains, and mobilizes professional quality photographers around the world.  Through NILMDTS, medical personnel are given a meaningful option to offer bereaved parents by creating remembrance portraiture for their babies.

Through further engagement in the organization, such as the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk and online support, families become a part of a compassionate and supportive community.  Parents gain a sense of inclusiveness, alleviating the alienation and perception of being alone in their pregnancy or infant loss journey.