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I Love You Still

I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book is a baby memory book specifically made for the events and emotions that follow a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss. I Love You Still combines aspects of traditional baby books with areas for memorialization to preserve the memory of a baby lost in the womb, during, or shortly after birth. The book can be completed at whatever time feels right for mom, and can be revisited for months or even years to come.

 I Love You Still captures the lives of families as they were before, during, and after pregnancy or newborn loss: the joy, the excitement, the love and the heartbreak. It contains typical sections devoted to parents’ backgrounds, trying to conceive, and monthly pregnancy milestones, as well as those devoted to enjoying the time spent together, memorial gestures, and their lives today. The book contains areas designed to echo themes a mother might encounter in professional support sessions, with ample prompted and freeform journal space to allow mothers to express their feelings and write whatever feels right to them.

I Love You Still is a full-color, professionally illustrated, gender-neutral nursery themed hardcover book. The content between its padded covers was created using thoughtful details, charming characters, and quality materials.


Our Mission


The mission of I Love You Still is to cherish pregnancy, remember baby, and honor motherhood.℠ We provide mothers who've suffered a loss with a baby book that feels like it was made for them. It is substantial, tasteful, and filled with meaningful material that honors baby's life and their journey together.

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A decorative memory book filled with important milestones, beautifully illustrated with a gender-neutral theme.



As a mom of 5 babies in heaven, 4 miscarriages, and most recently a son born still last year, I had been searching for something just like this for years. I’m not super crafty. I just wanted a typical baby book to remember all the special details (like we have with our living child) of our son without having to black out/tear out, etc sections that don’t apply to his story. This is that book.

There is also plenty of space for journaling and photos at the end.
— A.E.D.
An ideal gift for any expectant mother, or any parent that is experiencing the loss of a new baby, “I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book” is a unique, extraordinary, and unreservedly recommended.
— Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review
It is truly a beautiful book! Wonderful work!!
— S.
This book exists for those who need it, and those who do will understand it immediately.
— N. Holaway
What an absolutely beautiful gift. Your book arrived today and with bated breath I opened the package. An overwhelming sense of sadness I first felt, as that deep grief of my [loved one’s] loss quickly surfaced. But through the tears, as I scrolled the warm and sweet illustrations and thoughtful tone of the text, my heart warmed. Our sweet angel will be honoured and remembered.

I can not wait to give this to her.

Margaret, thank you so very much. Not just for this, but for the many bereaved parents that your book will help find some comfort and support, and bring continued awareness to pregnancy and infant loss.
— J.D.
Over the years we have looked and looked for a memorial baby book that we thought was really good. It took awhile but we have found a newly published book that is simply perfect for babies we can only hold in our hearts.
— Star Legacy Foundation
Thank you for creating this book!
— L.T.
‘I Love You Still’ helps to start the healing process. It is worded perfectly and the illustrations are wonderful. There are subtle changes in the book that make it personal while keeping it gender neutral.

I purchased this book for a coworker who just lost their child in pregnancy. I think this is my way to show my friend that I care about her whole family and want to help her at this difficult time. This is a way to say ‘I Love You.’
— Linda L.
For some mothers, this is all they will have to remember their child. That’s a tremendous responsibility.
— Ken S.
It’s gorgeous... I think everyone in the world, going through this, should have one.
— Kate S.
I think it’s wonderful thing to have. I wish it had been around decades ago when my sister was going through this.
— D. Erwin