A Quick Note to Visitors of This Site

If you've found yourself on my website, it is likely that someone you know is experiencing something very, very painful. As I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book nears completion, I'd like to step away from manufacturing for a moment to convey something important to you.

To the Bereaved Mother:

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for your grief, for your sadness, and for your pain. I hope you understand that your feelings—whatever they may be—are valid. 

I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book is a place for you to remember your baby and honor the time you spent together. It is a place for you to express the range of emotions you're feeling, and something tangible for you hold at any time, day or night.

And—when you're ready—there are some really wonderful organizations out there that I hope you'll consider, too, because you should never, ever feel alone in this.

To Her Support System:

Thank you for your interest in I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book. Thank you for your interest in helping your partner, your friend, your sister, your daughter, your coworker, your client or your patient in this special way. Thank you for seeing the value of baby book made especially for a bereaved mother who may be leaving a hospital empty-handed, or coming home to an empty crib.

It is okay if you don't always have the right words to say. I certainly wasn't confident in my ability to say the right thing—especially since even the right thing can't take the pain away. A memorial baby book is just one of many ways to show your much-needed support. Grief can be terribly isolating, and your willingness to simply be there for a bereaved mother is valuable in and of itself.

Margaret Scofield